Illawarra Hibbs Descendants

Illawarra descendants of  First Fleet Sailor, Peter Hibbs,  and his 2nd Fleet Convict wife, Mary Pardoe are descended either from :

  • their 4th child, William Hibbs and his wife Elizabeth Woodbury, viz the Davis family who have been in the Illawarra for at 60  least years – including the prominent local historian Dr Joseph Davis … OR
  • their 5th child and only daughter, Sarah Hibbs and her husband Francis Byrne, an Irish Convict.

Almost all of the Illawarra “Hibbs family” are descended from some of Sarah and Francis Byrne‘s 11 children  (family members with Illawarra connections are shown inbold) :

  1. Mary Ann Byrne – no Illawarra descendants
  2. Hannah Byrne – no Illawarra descendants
  3. Thomas Byrne – no Illawarra descendants –  article
  4. James Byrne married (1st) Harriet Watkins and (2nd) Eliza Jane Parry.  One of of James Byrnes‘ children, and many descendants have lived in the Illawarra since the 1920′s
    • 2nd child Sarah Webb nee Byrnes’ descendants have been in the Illawarra since the 1930′s
    • 4th child Mary Ann Norman nee Byrnes’ Preston-Young descendants have lived in the Illawarra for much of the time since 1934.
    • 12th child, Augustine George Byrnes seems to have been in the Illawarra by the 1920′s, and some of his descendants are believed to remain in the Illawarra.
  5. Francis Byrnes married Jane Izzard nee Hewitt – Jane’s 1st husband  was a descendant of Mary Pardoe’s daughter Ann Scott and her husband John Izard.
    • 2nd child Sarah Byrnes, wife of Samuel Webber – their grandchild Betty Warn nee Hansen has been very active in researching Peter Hibbs and has lived in the Illawarra for many years.  Betty‘s cousin, Edith Sarah Hodges-Day-O’Brien, moved to the Lake Illawarra area by the 1950′s. Edith‘s descendants remain in the Illawarra.
  6. Terence Cornelius Byrne – no Illawarra descendants
  7. Andrew Byrne married Mary Ann Crumpton(nb a cousin of another Mary Ann Crumpton who married Andrew’s younger brother Richard Byrne).
    • Turbit descendants of their 5th child Alice B Shattles nee Byrnes have lived in the Illawarra since the 1950′s.
  8. Hugh Byrne – no Illawarra descendants
  9. Richard Byrnes  married Mary Ann Crumpton (cousin to wife of Richard’s brother Andrew Byrne
    1. 2nd child Arthur James “Jim” Byrnes married Wollongong resident Mary Elizabeth Smith in Sydney in 1892 – daughter of James William Smith and his wife Jane Nunn.  (Note – Being the first Hibbs in the Illawarra, and with all  of his children being born  here, Arthur probably qualifies as the Hibbs Family Illawarra Patriarch – and not surprisingly his family constitutes the “core” of the Illawarra Hibbs Family) – 
      1. Mary Ann Byrnes (1893-1955) – married Godfrey Christian (Tiearney) her grandson David John Christian (married to Kerrie Anne Christian) has lived in the Illawarra since 1971
      2. Richard Percy Burns (1895-1975)
      3. Arthur James  Byrnes (1897- )
      4. Theresa Jane Byrnes (1899 – 1988) – married Ronald Clyde Moffat and died in Wollongong in 1988
      5. Ada Ellen Byrnes (1901 – 1993)
      6. Philomena Elizabeth Byrnes (1903 – 1973) – married Cecil Maber and died in Wollongong 1973 – their  Maber descendants still live in the Illawarra
      7. Veronica Josephine Byrnes (1905 – 1995)
      8. Joseph Francis Byrnes (1907 – 1976)
      9. Philip John Joseph Byrnes (1909 – 1965)-  married Minnie Ethel Puckeridge – their Geary descendants live in the Illawarra
      10. Norman Andrew Byrnes (1911 – )- married Florence Mary Gills – some descendants believed to still live in the Illawarra
      11. Agnes May Byrnes (1913 – )
      12. Myrtle Anastasia Byrnes (1915 – 1971)
      13. Elsie Patricia Byrnes (1918 – 1982) – married Giovanni Della Bonna and died in Warrawong in 1982 – their Poloni and Larkin descendants still live in the Illawarra
      14. Joyce Josephine Byrnes ( – ) married Trevor Williams – descendants possibly still living in the area
      15. Mary Cecilia Byrnes ( – ) married Harold William Gardner – descendants possibly still living in the Illawarra
  10. Elizabeth Byrne – no Illawarra descendants
  11. Margaret Byrne – no Illawarra descendants

A  skeleton summary of the Hibbs Family Tree can be seen here – and the huge  Hibbs family tree, thus far, is available on request by email : and .


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