4. James Byrne

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James Byrne was the 4th child of Sarah Hibbs and Francis Byrne

  1. James Byrne married (1st) Harriet Watkins and (2nd) Eliza Jane Parry.  One of of James Byrnes‘ children, and many descendants have lived in the Illawarra since the 1920′s
    • 2nd child Sarah Webb nee Byrnes’ descendants have been in the Illawarra since the 1930′s
    • 4th child Mary Ann Norman nee Byrnes’ Preston-Young descendants have lived in the Illawarra for much of the time since 1934.
    • 12th child, Augustine George Byrnes seems to have been in the Illawarra by the 1920′s, and some of his descendants are believed to remain in the Illawarra.

2 Responses to 4. James Byrne

  1. Quinton Byrnes says:

    Hi I’ve been doing family tree and can trace back to Francis Byrnes but am not sure about his father it says father James Michael Byrnes that married Eliza O’tool but then different web pages say different

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