5. Francis Byrnes

Under Construction

Francis was the fifth child of Sarah Hibbs and Francis Byrne

  1. Francis Byrnes married Jane Izzard nee Hewitt – Jane’s 1st husband  was a descendant of Mary Pardoe’s daughter Ann Scott and her husband John Izard.
    • 2nd child Sarah Byrnes, wife of Samuel Webber – their grandchild Betty Warn nee Hansen has been very active in researching Peter Hibbs and has lived in the Illawarra for many years, as have some of her descendants.  Betty‘s cousin, Edith Sarah Hodges-Day-O’Brien, moved to the Lake Illawarra area by the 1950′s. Edith‘s descendants remain in the Illawarra. Other cousins Joan and daughter Lyn are also active in the South Coast Chapter of the Fellowship of First Fleeters.

Betty Warne has been one of the key drivers of the annual Australian Hibbs reunions – since at least 1992 – First Fleet Founders Magazine Vol. 23 No.5 notice (also –  1998  1999 – 2000 –  2004 –  2005 (Sydney Morning Herald article) – 2007 –  2009 (Fellowship of First Fleeters notice). Betty has spoken about the Lady Juliana of the Second Fleet at U3A in 2012 up at Stanwell Park – Peter Hibb’s wife Mary Pardoe had been a convict on the Lady Juliana.


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