9. Richard Byrne – Arthur James Jim Byrnes – Illawarra Byrnes since 1893

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Richard Byrne was the 9th child of the 11 children of Sarah Hibbs and her husband Francis Byrne. Richard married Mary Ann Crumpton, a cousin to the wife of Richard’s brother Andrew Byrne – both were granddaughters of convict Thomas Crumpton. Richard and Mary Ann had 10 children. See Hibbs Family Tree for more details.

Richard and Mary Ann’s second child, Arthur James “Jim” Byrnes married Wollongong resident Mary Elizabeth Smith in Sydney in 1892 – the daughter of English immigrants James William Smith and his wife Jane Nunn.  (Note – Being the first Hibbs in the Illawarra, and with all  of his children being born  here, Arthur probably qualifies as the Hibbs Family Illawarra – and not surprisingly his family constitutes the “core” of the Illawarra Hibbs Family).

P15244 Arthur James Byrnes family

The c. 1923 photograph of the Byrnes family of Bank Street Wollongong shown above is from Wollongong Library’s Wollongong Images collection – I have been trying to put names to the faces. Mostly it is straight forward, except for the three older daughters :  Mary b. 1893, Theresa b. 1899 and Ada Ellen b. 1907.

My suggestion is :

Rear left to right : Theresa (b. 1899), Joseph (b. 1907), Philomena (b. 1903), Richard (b. 1895), Arthur (b. 1897), Mary (b. 1893), Ada Ellen (b. 1901), 

Middle left to right : Norman (b. 1911), Arthur James “Jim” & Mary Elizabeth, Agnes (b. 1913), Philip (b. 1909),  Veronica “Vera” (b. 1905),

Front left to right : Myrtle (b. 1915), Elsie (b. 1918)

It would be great to get feedback on my thoughts … and also to enable information to be given to the Wollongong City Library.

Arthur James “Jim” and Mary Elizabeth had 13 children (see family group photo), and they then took in another two. All of Arthur’s  children were born in the Illawarra, and were as follows :

  1. Mary Ann Byrnes (1893-1955) married Godfrey Christian (Tiearney) – son of  Thomas Aaron Tiearney and Rosetta Charlotte Roberts
    • John Godfrey Christian (Tiearney) married Eunice Adele Green
      • David John Christian married Kerrie Anne Adams
        • Daughter
      • Daughter
    • Bernard Richard Christian (Tiearney) married Kathleen O’Grady (also a Hibbs descendant via 4th child William Hibbs)
      • Son
      • Daughter
      • Daughter
    • Rosemary Tiearney married James Farrell
      • Son
  2. Richard Percy Burns (1895-1975)
  3. Arthur James  Byrnes (1897- )
  4. Theresa Jane Byrnes (1899 – 1988) – married Ronald Clyde Moffat and died in Wollongong in 1988
  5. Ada Ellen Byrnes (1901 – 1993)
  6. Philomena Elizabeth Byrnes (1903 – 1973) – married Cecil Maber and died in Wollongong 1973 – their  Maber descendants still live in the Illawarra
  7. Veronica Josephine Byrnes (1905 – 1995)
  8. Joseph Francis Byrnes (1907 – 1976)
  9. Philip John Joseph Byrnes (1909 – 1965)-  married Minnie Ethel Puckeridge – their Geary descendants live in the Illawarra
  10. Norman Andrew Byrnes (1911 – )- married Florence Mary Gills – some descendants believed to still live in the Illawarra
  11. Agnes May Byrnes (1913 – )
  12. Myrtle Anastasia Byrnes (1915 – 1971)
  13. Elsie Patricia Byrnes (1918 – 1982) – married Giovanni Della Bonna and died in Warrawong in 1982 – their Poloni and Larkin descendants still live in the Illawarra
  14. Joyce Josephine Byrnes ( – )
  15. Mary Cecilia Byrnes ( – )

As noted above, Arthur James “Jim” and Mary Elizabeth  Byrnes’ eldest child, Mary Ann Byrnes (1893-1955),  married Godfrey Christian (Tiearney). They were the grandparents of my husband David John Christian, who came “back” to live in the Illawarra in 1971.


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